Our Mission & Services

 Feeding the hungry 365 days a year, regardless of circumstance, in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Hot Lunch Services is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that exists solely to support Kansas City area residents in need.


We rely on countless volunteers from nearby organizations to provide a hot lunch to our patrons 365 days a year, no questions asked. If you or your family are in need of a hot meal, we would love to serve you!

Wilhelmina Gills Service Center

We are located at the Wilhelmina Gills Service Center, where patrons can get more than just a meal. The Willa Gill center provides social services to help people get back on their feet, such as:

  • Information and Referral

  • Community Based Human Services

  • Homeless Case Management

  • Telephone Voice Mail

  • Mail Pick-Up

  • Stop Gap Food Pantry

  • Grab and Go Food for the Homeless

  • Job Leads, Resumés, & Faxing 

  • New and Used Clothing

  • Personal Hygiene Kits

  • Resource Mobilization and Medication

  • Main-stream Service Assistance

  • Willa Gill Christmas Adopt-A-Family

  • Special Needs Aid

Hands picking up a plate of food